Let Your Freak Flag Fly at Thunder-Sky! Now through Mid-August...

Thunder-Sky Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio is a studio/gallery dedicated to perserving the legacy and artworks of Raymond Thunder-Sky. We also exhibit and support contemporary unconventional artists. Their mission is to keep artist Raymond Thunder-Sky’s legacy alive through educational programs and exhibits, as well as showcasing and supporting unconventional artists like him from across the region. For more information on the history of Thunder-Sky as well as current gallery programming, visit their website.  Stop by to see their current exhibition (described below):

Hours: Friday, 6 – 9 pm, Saturday, Noon – 5 pm, Sunday Noon – 5 pm, or by appointment.

Freak Flags flying high at Thunder-Sky...Photo taken from the show's Facebook page

Thunder-Sky Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition called Fly Your Own Freak Flag. The exhibition is the result of a call for art put out by Outsider Art Gallery, Thunder-Sky Gallery, during the Spring of 2012. In response to the call, over 50 "Freak Flags" were received from all over the country as well as a few internationally. The concept of the Freak Flag aims to honor and celebrate the art of a rich and diverse community as well as to promote the valuable contributions of artists all over the country who may have been rejected from traditional art settings. Flags range in size and media and represent the unique texture that constitues up both the local and national communities. For more information on this specific exhibition, visit the Freak Flag show's facebook page