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With the Olympics fast approaching, Paralympics athletes are gearing up for events in London that will begin in the Summer of 2012. New York Times columnist Vincent Mallozzi interviews Matt Scott, a wheelchair basketball player from the USA team on his hopes and goals for the 2012 games.

Check out the full interview here in a blog article from the New York Times. VSA Ohio is especially interested in the Paralympics given the theme of Warrior Champions, one of the films that will be showcased in the 2012 Reel Abilities Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio in November, 2012. This film features the story of Iraq War veterans who return from the front lines with major injuries such as lost limbs and paralysis which will eventually fuel their dreams of becoming Paralympic athletes. Check out the festival's website and stay tuned for more info about this film as well as all of the films we will be showcasing in the festival.

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