American Association of People with Disabilities Developing Resume Database for Job Seekers/Hiring Employers

The Youth Transitions Collaborative is developing a resume database and is seeking the resumes of young people and young veterans with disabilities, who are looking for work (full-time or part-time) in the private sector. For more information on this database, see below!

These resumes will be incorporated into a database that will help employers connect with qualified young candidates with disabilities.  The National Youth Transitions Resume Database will be national in scope and will be open to young people and employers from across the country. Once a resume is received, individuals will be asked to complete a short form which details their occupational and geographic preferences, etc.   If you know someone interested in submitting a resume, please have them send it to Frances Vhay, HSC Foundation Youth Transitions Fellow, American Association of People with Disabilities at, tel: 202-521-4003.

Resume Guidelines

All resumes should include the following:
*   Objective statement (a 1-2 sentence statement regarding your skills, interests, or career aspirations to give employers a           better sense of the type of employment you are seeking)
*   Contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address)
*   Education history
*   Work history
*   Volunteer experience
*   Professional skills
*   Font size no smaller than 11 pt.
*   Word or PDF format
*   Maximum of 2 pages

Questions regarding the submission process can be directed to Frances at 
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