Every patient deserves a doctor who is patient, understanding, and respectful of his/her needs and abilities.Volunteers are needed for a new program in which medical students gain valuable information and awareness about disabilities from people who know best, not just medical text books.

 The Nisonger Center at The Ohio State University is launching a program that will ensure medical students from the Ohio State University medical school are equipped to provide repsectful and thorough care to patients with different abilities. As The Ohio State University medical school is revising the four-year undergraduate medical curriculum, the Nisonger Center wants to make sure that treatment of patients with disabilities is adequately addressed. Volunteers will help future healthcare providers feel comfortable with people who have disabilities. If you or your child have a physical, developmental, sensory, mental, or mobility-related disability and are willing to meet with medical students to further their experience with a diversified population of individuals, please contact us with your name and contact information at susan.havercamp@osumc.edu. We will send you more details. You can also contact us by phone at (614)-685-8724.

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