This spring and summer are filled with opportunities for free professional development that you can access from anywhere!

VSA has announced some upcoming summer webinars that are free and accessible to anyone with a computer, internet access, and audio/captioning capabilities. You can access any of the following webinars from your home computer by clicking the titles of the webinars. If you do not have a computer, you can also access these webinars from a library or internet kiosk.

Tuesday, May 21, 3:00 - 4:00PM ET
Description: Employment in the arts is challenging for any artist and those with disabilities are no exception. This presentation will present learnings from the careers of two artists working in Indiana, and give an overview of the work being done by arts service providers to increase opportunities for artists with disabilities.
Presenters:  Kristina Davis-Smith, Community Development Manager & Accessibility Coordinator, Indiana Arts Commission 
Judy Champa, Artist and Owner of Heirloom Classics - Jewelry & Beads 
Warren Miller, Artist 
Intended Audience:
Any artists with disabilities looking to enhance their creative careers

Tuesday, June 4 , 3:00-4:00PM EDT
Presenters: Mary Adamek, The University of Iowa & Alice-Ann Darrow, The University of Kansas 
This webinar will discuss the role that music education plays in the academic achievements of children on the autism spectrum.   It will address what teachers need to know about children on the autism spectrum and how that impacts the strategies and curriculum. 
Intended Audience: Teachers, Parents  

Managing Behaviors During an Arts Residency 

Tuesday, July 23, 3:00-4:00PM EDT

Presenters: Deborah Stuart, VSA New Hampshire & Janice Hastings, VSA New Hampshire 
This webinar presents approaches to mananging behavoirs during an arts residency. 
Intended Audience: Teaching artists