For those of you who did not hear through Open Door's announcements, Paula Lasky passed away a few weeks ago. Below is some information from her memorial announcement as well as links to Open Door's tribute to her.

Paula was a dedicated artist and contributor to Accessible Expressions Ohio among other exhibits throughout the city of Columbus and state of Ohio.  We will certainly miss her spirited outlook and strong presence in the community at Open Door.
A pin from her memorial featuring Paula's sunflower design.

Allison Buenger and the other staff members at Open Door Art Studio assembled a lovely memorial piece honoring Paula and VSA Ohio was fortunate enough to be able to attend a memorial event at the studio last week. To read the full piece and learn more about Paula and her work if you were previously unfamiliar, click here. We will be keeping Paula and everyone at Open Door in our thoughts here at VSA Ohio and hope you'll do the same.