Art.sy is officially Online. Explore the Art Genome. Discover the world’s greatest art.

The New York Times, 10/8/12
After two years of private testing and with millions of dollars from investors, including some celebrities in the art and technology worlds, [Art.sy] aims to do for visual art what Pandora did for music and Netflix for film: become a source of discovery, pleasure and education. With 275 galleries and 50 museums and institutions as partners, 
Art.sy has already digitized 20,000 images into its reference system, which it calls the Art Genome Project.

An extensive free repository of fine-art images and an online art appreciation guide, it is predicated on the idea that audiences comfortable with image-driven Web sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are now primed to spend hours browsing through canvases and sculpture on their monitors and tablets, especially with one-click help.

To check out this awesome resource, visit http://art.sy/

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