Franklin County Board of Developmental Disability Theater Program is currently seeking volunteers and actors/actresses for upcoming productions next year. 

The theater team is a divison within the FCBDD Recreation Program. See below for more information on participating in recreation or else volunteering within the reacreation program.
Franklin County Recreation is a program through Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities that provides unique and meaningful recreation & leisure opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. A little over a year ago a new program offering emerged; Theater Class. Just 6 months later Recreations first Theater Class was performing a mystery dinner show at  Spaghetti Warehouse; Death by Disco. It was a huge success that lead to all members of the Theater Class wanting more. This class is now at work on their second performance, their own parody of the Wizard of Oz they have named, The King of Vegas. The big performance day for this is October 1st at the Columbus Commons downtown and all are welcome to join! While this Theater Class is on fire, Franklin County Recreation is in great need of volunteers who are passionate about theater and want to mentor these actors. Please contact Recreation’s Volunteer Coordinator Becky Niles to find out how you can get involved.She can be reached by email at or by phone at 614-949-5041
To find out if you qualify to participate in FCBDD Recreations programs, contact Shawna by phone at 614-580-2225 or by email at