After interviewing some of the artists for the 90-Minute Art Challenge, I worked my way over to the Arts Council of Westerville's table where I was introduced to Linda Wilkins, their President, who said their organization encourages participation in and appreciation of the arts in the Westerville area, and have done so for 23 years. “We welcome everyone!” she said. At their table I made a watercolor postcard with marker and salt to give it what she called a speckled effect. People seemed to enjoy this activity. I know I did.

        ACW sponsored  the People's Choice Award that night. In addition to artists in Westerville, they also sponsor music, including concerts, bands, and even a hands-on instrument “petting zoo”. Wilkins then told me about the Westerville art hop, another sponsor, which features 42 artists from 33 different places! That's a lot of art! While I was working on my postcard with Linda Wilkins, I got to talk to an artist. Daynall Turner introduced herself to me while I was working on my art. I asked her what she liked to draw and she said “I like to draw everything.” I later recognized her artwork titled “How's It Hanging?” in the hallway, an acrylic that showed monkeys hanging around a tree. A fun, colorful piece! 

    It was fun to get to make art with ACW. They welcome everyone, and anybody can make art with them. I even saw some children grabbing markers and begin to work on postcards. I just took a brown marker and asked how they got their salt effects as I had never done that before. Always good to discover some new artistic techniques! My completed work looked pretty good for a first try.

    Overall, I think the experience was very positive with ACW, and everyone had a good time. That table was always full, because they gave out markers, postcards, and spray to anyone who wanted to try. Even children and their parents lined up to do it. ACW truly has a passion for spreading in Linda Wilkin's words“Art and the appreciation of art.” I think it showed in the long lines and good times that I had with the group.

     Next month, I'll be talking more about all the people at Day of Arts for All 2019. It was a huge experience, and I learned a lot about accessibility in the arts. I'll talk more about accessibility, and yes, more artists interviews down the line! Until next time. Keep creating!

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