Event Date(s): November 5, 2012 -
16:30 to 18:30

Individuals and artists often take for granted their ability to hold and move a paint brush, position a canvas, or even view their creations. The opportunity for individuals with physical and mobility impairments to express themselves through visual art can be easily enhanced and possible by creating adaptive art-making materials. This workshop will provide attendees with exposure to different ways of adjusting art-making tools so participants of all ages and abilities can be included in the creative process.

Artwork Purpose and Theme
This year’s Columbus Arts Ball will be focused around the Ronald McDonald House.  The Ronald McDonald house is a place that gives families “hope” by providing a family feel with warm dinners and caring people to come back to, after time spent at the hospital.  The RMH is known as the “House with a Heart”. This year we have a new challenge of how to present artwork at the event for silent auction. We want to emphasize the ‘Heart’ and ‘Hope’ concepts of Ronald McDonald House without the obvious “McDonald’s” symbols.