VSA Ohio is excited to announce a new, open call for submissions!

We want to know, What do the arts in Ohio mean to you? Complete a visual or literary work in response to this question. You can collage images or drawings or write text that expresses your thoughts. The final Zine will have pages sized to half of a standard letter size sheet of paper (5.5" x 8.5") so scale your artwork accordingly. Submit a high resolution JPG image of your artwork by: April 1, 2015. By submitting your artwork, you agree to allow VSA Ohio to print, publish, and share your artwork online, in print, and with other VSA affiliates Zine project partners. No monetary or other compensation will be provided. Your name and city of residence will be attributed to the artwork. Please consider including your name on the artwork image, or in the text with a literary response! See below for more information on what a zine is and how to create your submission!

VSAO’s Goals
*Exchange stories to learn about our shared human experiences
*To learn something new about other artists in Ohio, the US, and St. Lucia.
*Ohio’s final Zine will be posted online and printed in limited edition copies-
all of which will be shared with each participating affiliate.
*To celebrate life through art


What is a Zine?
A zine is anything you want it to be! It’s a great way to compile your art into an easy DIY style book. The
format gives you a chance to share your voice. It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with your fellow artists as well. Together, you can share your work and even self-publish in a fun, cost-effective way.


How to Make Your Own Zine
Pictured above is a diagram of how to put together your own zine. Lines outside of the diagram point to the inside page. VSA Ohio will do the compiling part, you just need to make one fabulous zine page to represent YOUR ideas! 

Questions? Call 614.241.5325 or email mgreen@vsao.org

Submit entries by 
April 1, 2015 

Digitally to:
Mail to: 
VSA Ohio
77 South High Street
2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215


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