From photography to music, painting, drawing, dance and movement, VSA Ohio works to promote the enrichment of art for all abilities across all artistic mediums.

Our work takes us into the classroom, galleries and public arena, where we share information and resources with educators, artists and administrators. We work to change perceptions about ability and disability by helping connect people to accessible, creative opportunities.
"VSA Ohio has really helped me have the confidence to get my work out and find my audience."
– Trish, Toledo
“It's been a real honor and privilege to participate in this endeavor to select films for ReelAbilities: Columbus.”
– Simon Buehrer
Current events related to arts, culture, and disability that impact you.
Access opportunities in your local community, statewide and nationally.
Disabilities Film Festival — presenting films by and about people with disabilities to explore, discuss, embrace and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience
Film Festival
"VSA Ohio changes lives!"
–Pamela, Cincinnati
In 2011, VSA Ohio’s programs and services directly benefited over 18,000 people of all ages and abilities.
“It was such a joy to see and hear all of the phenomenal art by VSA Ohio’s associates.”
– Jennifer, Columbus
“I view life as an artist does: rich in both comedy and tragedy. Rather than as a pro or con, a culture of disability is based on everything a person is capable of becoming both in spite of disabilities and because of them.”
– Christopher Bowsman




Simon has been instrumental in finding opportunities for VSA Ohio and the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence to advance creative opportunities and increase awareness about the arts and disability to professionals and service providers. He facilitated OCALI’s presentation of the ADA Mural and was a member of the Screening Committee for the ReelAbilities – Columbus Disabilities Film Festival.